Friday, June 15, 2012

New Release! X-TROLLER, an Erotic, Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Futuristic, Time Travel Romance Novel

Now Available!
An Erotic, Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic, Futuristic, Time Travel Romance Novel
From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Word Count: 61K

Scarred and weary, Dwan is ordered to go forty-seven years into the past in a last ditch effort to find the one man who can help her fight the monsters created decades ago by a company called Lambruchet. Monsters that have since devastated mankind and the world. 

Eli Voight has been battling the Lambruchet demons ever since the company had his father killed. As the first Troller, he’s made it his duty to bring down the creatures and find a way to permanently stop them. He’s skeptical of Dwan's claim that she’s from the future. But her skill is undeniable, and her presence becomes an all-consuming passion for the man who had pushed aside any thought of a personal life in his quest to drive the demons to extinction.  

Dwan never expected to fall and fall hard for the emotionally unapproachable soldier. Worse, she knew what kind of death lay ahead for Eli, which meant there could never be a future for them. 

Together, they must fight to take out the monstrosities, or else Earth as it is will cease to exist. And the Earth that could be, Dwan’s world, will only hold a future of horror and hopelessness.

Warning: Contains living nightmares, screwed DNA, impromptu dentistry, great beef stew (with real meat), deadly broom handles, a shave without a haircut, coded writing, and a future that gives mankind only two more decades to exist.

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