Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Child in the 50s, Part 2

Saturday nights, my parents would have my brother and I take an early bath and dress up in our pajamas. We'd then load into the car, complete with blankets and pillows in the back seat, and go to the drive-in. There was a swing set and whirl-a-gig right at the front, underneath the screen, where we'd go play until it was show time.

Daddy always hung the heavy metal speaker on the back seat window. That way it wouldn't blast directly into his ear, and we didn't mind the loud noise. He'd visit the Refreshments area in the back of the complex for popcorn and soft drinks before the first movie started (which was usually a double feature.)

There was always a cartoon at the beginning. Usually a Warner Brothers one. My brother and I would be able to watch the first movie before falling asleep (that's how I saw "Pillow Talk" with Rock Hudson and Doris Day). Sometimes we'd stay for the second movie, and sometimes we'd leave because often the second film was too adult for kids (I remember bits and pieces of the original "Psycho" that way.)

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