Friday, June 29, 2012

Galaxy Fest Day 1

The day started with a wonderful continental breakfast at the museum (note the alien bodies in tubes in the background). I have to admit this breakfast was a lot better than the continental served at my hotel.

After we schmoozed among ourselves, and others got to put their tables in order, the museum opened at 9 o'clock. Meanwhile, outside, Main Street has been closed off for six blocks. This has more impact than most people know, because the main highway through Roswell is Main Street, which means all traffic from Carlsbad to Albuquerque has to take a detour around Galaxy Fest. LOL! There are games, rides, food vendors, an open stage with bands playing all day long, and numerous other vendors like jewelry, T-shirts, and whatnot.

One of the neat vendors inside the museum was this guy with these incredible flying saucer sculptures. Photos don't do justice. These things light up and beep, and do all sorts of crazy things. Each one is unique and the creator is an electrician with a vivid imagination.

At 1:30, I did my presentation. It had initally been entitled "How to Make Love to an Alien". The Fest people changed it to "How to Love an Alien". The audience still got the PG version, and there was quite a bit of discussion afterwards. It was fun! I get to repeat the presentation on Monday afternoon.

One of our guests this year is Denise Crosby, aka Tasha Yar from Star Trek: the Next Generation. Please excuse her expression. I just caught her at a bad moment.

Traffic through the museum wasn't heavy, but that's because we were told to expect the biggest crowds on the weekend. So on my way home I stopped at Target and bought a nice firm pillow. I'm going to get lots of rest tonight so I can face tomorrow with energy!

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