Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonight, Come Listen to Me Read From My Newest Release, and You Might Win a Copy!

Tonight I'm celebrating my new release, Cut Glass: Jewels, Book 1 - Diamond, with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid by reading an excerpt from the book, then giving away a copy to one lucky listener!  So join me at 11 pm et/10 pm ct/8 pm pt at "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio.

Forget everything you think you know about mass murderers and crimes of passion, because now you’re going to learn the truth. People don’t decide one day to go out and kill as many people as they can, or wake up one morning, grab the nearest shotgun or axe, and proceed to hack apart their loved ones. They do it because they’re infected with a jewel, a creature of intense beauty and danger. Once the jewel takes over a host’s body, that person dies, leaving the jewel in total control to thrive on fear and horror.
Cutler Glass is a lapidary, one of an unknown group of people who’ve dedicated their lives to destroying jewels. But in order to keep the jewels from slaughtering innocent victims, she has to kill the host and then eat the jewel that emerges from the body.

Except this time the jewel she's assigned to go after, a diamond, has infected a very wealthy and influential man who has hired police protection. When Detective David Fellowes clashes with Cutler, it’s going to take more than a simple explanation before he believes her outlandish tale.
Warning: Contains creatures of extreme horror, a woman facing a future of bitter solitude, a man willing to sacrifice everything to be with her, and their burning love that one person is determined to never allow happen or flourish.


KD Griffith said...

Linda, I enjoyed speaking with you in the gift shop. I am very interested in reading all of your work. I hope your visit to the muesum was inspiring to you. I would love a list of all your work as I am kinda crazy that I need to read a series in order. Than you so much for the conversation.
KD Griffith. ( Im the one with the curly reddish blonde hair)

Linda Mooney said...

Hey, KD! Missed seeing you at the store today. Had a great conversation with Mike. He took 4 of my books to read and put in the library!