Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Review for BEQUEATHED!

Reviewed by Claudette, Dark Diva Reviews

This paranormal book mainly covers the mystery of why the new home that seemed like such a godsend to Claire when she inherited it was so creepy. Given that the cabin’s location is fairly isolated, Claire is shaken up to find a strange man watching her. One who keeps turning up every time she steps outside. Claire’s enigmatic stranger claims to be a neighbour, calling himself Horne. Disturbed by him and yet strangely drawn, Claire cannot put her finger on what it is about him that makes her trust him.

I really enjoyed the fact that Claire is not at all cringing or timid. She is not only curious, but also compassionate in regards to wanting to help Horne. I enjoyed both the mystery itself and the revealing of it. I don’t think Claire got to know Horne nearly well enough to take the step she makes at the end of the novel though. I would have preferred it if Claire and Horne had spent more time talking and the author had allowed the reader to see that they really gelled, before the ending.

Bequeathed by Linda G. Mooney is a very original story with a strong, bold heroine. Her sidekick cat was a great character too.

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