Sunday, June 26, 2011

Check out Shona Husk's Free Read This Week!

Check out this week's free read over at the Truly Madly Deeply Romance Authors blog!  It's a sweet, sensual story entitled "Throw Your Arms Around Me" by Shona Husk, and based on the song by the Hunters and Collectors.

Freeing a genie from a bottle isn’t as easy as making a wish, not when Fyn is an Inanu created for giving women every pleasure ever imagined. But what Madeline wants is more than he can give her. She wants him, for life. Fyn knows only one way for that to occur—Madeline will have to resist him for a year and a day, something no one has ever been able to do.

Rated PG-13
Genre: Paranormal
Heat: Sweet

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