Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six on Sunday - RHEA 41070

Six paragraphs from RHEA 41070
An erotic sci-fi romance novel
Available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

1. “They’re Replacements,” Via spat out. She shoved herself away from the walkway’s railing and confronted the female scientist. “That’s why you’ve got all that firepower, and the secrecy, and the ungodsly amount of money the rawlstone was going to give us. He’s bought himself a fucking Replacement!”

2. He dropped his hands into his lap. Rhea stared at them, wishing they would reach back into her hair and do those wonderful motions again that pleasured her down to her toes. For some strange reason, the commander saw where she was staring and hastily clasped his fingers together over a rather large bulge in his pants. She’d seen other men do the same thing, lace their fingers together, especially over their reproductive organs when they tended to expand.

3. His decision wasn’t hard to come by. His survival instincts had kicked in back at the medical facility, at the BIMIC as Rhea called it, when he discovered Veerim had implicated him in illegally transporting a Replacement. With all the crap he was currently having to deal with—the Adrolls and their missing shipment, and the money they believed he still owed them—the last thing he needed was to have his holo transmitted to every law enforcement agency in the universe. The authorities would leave him alone with regards to the Adroll case, because that was considered within the Adrollian jurisdiction. But this bit with the Replacement, this was an intergalactic matter. That meant a bigger problem, tougher punishment, and longer sentence. Possibly a two-life term.

4. Rhea screamed as she left the floor. At the same time, strong arms snatched her around her waist, and she was thrown down upon the bed. Bock pressed her against the bedding with his body as he grabbed the edges of the bed with both hands and held on. Miraculously the furniture remained stable as the cruiser bucked, but loose items flew around the cabin. Something hard banged him in the ribs and Bock grunted in pain from the impact. The ship jumped again, the roar of the engines making every inch of the cruiser vibrate. And then, as quickly as it started, it was over.

5. Which was why, when Bock had heard her soft plea for him to show her sex, to give her a taste of perfection between a man and a woman, having to deny her had been a knife slicing away inside him. The pain hurt so fucking much, he would swear he was hemorrhaging inside.

6. Rhea’s neuro-gasms were over. She was left lying in a semiconscious heap on the floor. Her breathing remained ragged, and her hands continued to twitch like the death throes of an animal, but she was alive. Bock reached for her with the intent of throwing her over his shoulder. Instead, Via grabbed him by the back of his jumpsuit and nearly jerked him off his feet as she ran past him on her way out. He stumbled, but managed to regain his balance to sprint after her, with Patt already leading them to where the Bleak Tempest was tethered. Still, he managed one last glimpse back over his shoulder at the petite young woman lying still and silent, and prayed she would understand. And forgive him.

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