Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Reader Views - What to Disclose in the Synopsis

Irene Watson has a very interesting article regarding "What to Disclose in the Synopsis: Reader Reactions to Surprises."

In short, she mentions that some authors do not reveal in their synopsis any content that some reviewers may find objectionable, such as explicit sex, alternate lifestyles, profanity, paranormal activities, horror and gore, etc. I know that when I upload my books to Manic Readers, or to other review sites, they ask if there may be content they need to be aware of before offering it to their reviewers.

I know I may be guilty of neglect in this department. For example, if I upload an erotic romance, and list it as erotic, I don't put a warning that the book's content contains eroticism. Should I? 

Same goes for a horror story. If it's labeled as horror, should I mention that it contains scenes of explicit gore?

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