Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a Buy-Out!


Back in 2006, I submitted the first book of my BATTLE LORD saga to Publish America.  I signed a 7-yr. contract, which meant I wouldn't be able to get it back until 2013.

Since that time I've learned my lesson, and I've sold very poorly.  Yes, I got a nice looking cover and a terrific-looking book. Plus I got listed on Amazon. But $29.95 for a 396-pg. paperback?

Today I got an email from PA saying that, due to low/non-existent sales this last year, they're offering to return my contract rights back to me...for $99.  Am I going to take them up on their offer?  Hell, yes!  For one thing, I've already completed 3 more books in the saga. And I've planned at least one more book, plus a 3-book additional trilogy.

So while I'm waiting to receive verification (they have to snail mail me the papers - go figure in this day and age of technology), I'm going to go back and polish my original manuscript, and then try to figure out where I'm going to sub this 111K book and all of its sequels.

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