Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Children's E-books?

I was reading a recent article that Scholastic, a well-known seller of chidlren's books, is thinking about stepping into the e-book market.

Scholastic Close to Testing E-book Distribution Platform

Only one thing wrong with this.  It's getting e-book readers into the hands of children.  Yes, the e-books will be available to read via computer, but it's not a practical solution for several reasons.

Which means there will need to be a very viable and CHEAP version of e-book readers for the youngest generation of readers. And that means schools will need to become pro-active (instead of their usual "wait and see what happens 10 years down the road" stance) to get those readers into the classroom.

Yeah, I seem very negative, don't I?  Do you think it's because I've been in education too long to realize that schools are the LAST place to see new technology, even though districts pride themselves on claiming to have the Latest And Greatest for their students?

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