Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Linda,

Do you make your own webpages, or do you have someone who does them for you?

The answer is I do them myself, so please don't expect them to look ultra-professional.

Seriously, though, I know of a couple of writers who have theirs done by a professional.  Both of them have really neat looking websites, but one isn't happy with the fact that when she needs something uploaded or changed, she has to wait until the designer can get to it.

The other friend is lucky in that her designer can get the changes done within a decent amount of time, usually within twenty-four hours.

However, there's always the COST to be considered. 

I started making my own websites long before FrontPage ever existed, back when we had to use html codes for the background colors and all.  And because I can change my webpages as frequently as I change my mind, I prefer to do my own.  Of course, I often take ideas I see on some websites and incorporate them into mine.  No website should be static, in my honest opinion.  And by keeping it fresh, it becomes a plus for both me and my readers.


Erotic Horizon said...

Well said Linda ad good to know..

I also do my own background and it is better when you have the know how and can maintain your site yourself..


Linda Mooney said...

I agree! I can do whatever I please, and if it doesn't turn out right, I only have myself to blame. LOL!