Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HeartCrystal, the sequel to HeartFast, is Now Available at Fictionwise and 30% Off!

(Sequel to HeartFast)
A Sensuously Erotic Sci-Fi Romance Novel
From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Is Now Available at Fictionwise, and 30% Off!

They were the Guardians. Sixteen special men and women with incredible powers, who had sworn their lives to the protection of their galaxy, while upholding the laws of their world.

For Dark Hunter and StarLight, it seemed the worst was over. With StarLight still recovering from her near-death experience with the Ombitra, they were ready to resume their lives as the first-ever married Guardian couple in history. Ready for a new life filled with love and extraordinary passion.

But there are unknown perils when working in outer space. There are dangers beyond description—unforeseeable events and catastrophes that can bring nightmares to any sane person.

They had sworn they would share a lifetime together.

The universe had other plans.

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