Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Ebook Plus From an Author's Viewpoint

I've seen a lot of arguments in favor of ebooks. I mean A LOT --price, content, storage, etc. But one I haven't seen (or if I have, I've forgotten. You know how old age sucks.) is any mention of Story Size.

I just had a short story accepted at Red Rose, and I mean a SHORT story. A mere 2.9K words. That's about 6-7 pages single spaced Times font. But it's a horror short, and it packs quite a punch.

The point is, if I had been trying to get this bloody little gem published elsewhere -- say, by a traditional house -- I would be severely restricted. Unless it was submitted for an anthology, my chances of acceptance would be less than nil.

But ebook publishers aren't restricted by word count, and for that we authors are blessed. Of course, it means I'll need to sell a BUNCH of these $.99 gems to bulk up a decent royalty check. But the fact that it will be published is already something to cheer about. :)

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