Sunday, February 22, 2009

For the Love of Being Read - Thank You!

I'm walking on Cloud 9!

Like most authors, I have my name set up as a Google Alert so that I can be notified once a day of any places on the internet where I'm mentioned. Specifically, this is to let me know when a review for one of my books may go up without me being aware of it.

I got an alert today that I was mentioned on someone's blog. Curious, I went over to see.

My book is listed as being on someone's TBR (To Be Read) List! I'm in tears!

This is a FIRST!

Rarely do I hear from other people, much less from readers, although they're out there. You see, 99.9% of the time, when people discuss what they're reading, or make suggestions what to read, it's a NY book by a NY author.

Which is why I was stunned, then in tears to see my book listed with a dozen other books -- a dozen NY books.

To that person, many many thanks, and many more blessings on you!

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