Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the Love of Writing - Are You a Collector?

When I was writing AEQUANA, I started finding odd little mermaid-y things, and thus began my collection. Friends would find out what my WIP was, and they'd send me stuff related to it. Candles, figurines, stickers, calendars, earrings, t-shirts, plaques -- you name it, they sent it. Since I'm big into The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, I also get a lot of lighthouses and other nautical paraphernalia.

Plus there are my wombats, my Phantom of the Opera stuff, my faeries, and more Native American Indian stuff you could shake an arrow at.

Now my walls and bookshelves are filled with all sorts of collections. And you know what? All this eye candy helps. There are times I get stuck on a plot line, so I lean back in my chair and just stare around the room. Suddenly something pops out at me, and I find a way around my roadblock.

Collections are great! The only problem is finding a place to put everything!

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