Thursday, February 26, 2009

For the Love of Writing - The Bug Has Bitten, BUT...

You're at the market, at the doctor's office, driving to your next appointment, sitting in line at the bank... you're SOMEWHERE, and you get this Really Fantastic Idea for a new story! Plot, characters, circumstances -- the whole works just start pouring out of your brain.

What do you do? Do you keep a pad and pen nearby for just those moments? Or maybe you have a laptop handily at your disposal.

What do you do about those bits and pieces you know you're going to forget if you don't get them somehow saved?

I have a friend who keeps a small purse-sized tape recorder with her at all times for just those moments. Another girl I know calls her home phone and leaves it all on her message machine. I personally keep a small 4.5x7 spiral notebook with me (I just measured it. :)

Want to share your tricks? I'd love to hear some of them!

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Erotic Horizon said...

I am not a author but I review, so I get where you are coming from with this question .

Firstly - I never, ever leave home without my trusty note pad and pen - I actually buy bags around my notepad.

I tried the Dictaphone for a while - but when I started getting weird looks - i quickly nicks that idea - now I use the recorder on my mobile - at least I can act like i am on the phone - still get weird looks - but now i have a good cover.

But the notepad - hasn't fail me yet.