Monday, December 8, 2008

WHOOHOOO!!!! My Megabook Was Selected To Launch The Series!

Part of an email from my publisher:

Congratulations! Your RUNNER’S MOON TRILOGY Megabook has been selected to launch the Torrid Megabook Series, releasing January 1, 2009.

One new Megabooks title will be released at both Torrid and General each month throughout 2009, and also be released simultaneously (as much as possible) at Fictionwise, Mobipocket, and Kindle. This book will have its own ISBN and of course be ebook only. The retail price will be $9.99.

Briefly explanation -- authors from both the general line and torrid line were asked if they wanted to participate. Of course, we had to have at least 3 books out of a single series to make up the megabook. The novels are full length, and still available as single titles.

But of all the authors participating, I was selected to launch the series!


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