Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where did all the trailers go?

Some of you have noticed and contacted me on the assumption my book video trailers over on YouTube had been removed by some sinister force. I assure you that's not quite the truth. But I did have one removed because of the music played in it.

My bad.

So I've taken down the majority of my trailers and I'm in the process of completely revamping them. Not exactly starting from scratch, but re-editing them without any music whatsoever.

What? NO music in my trailers? How does that work?

Just wait. :D You'll see. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey, please let us know when they're back up? Thanks
~Capo & friends

PS - have a great New Year's, Linda!

Linda Mooney said...

I will, Capo! Thanks so much!

And here's hoping you have a Very Prosperous 2009! :D