Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa Liked Me This Year! :D

Okay. After the prerequisite Bath and Body Works (mango mandarin, in case you're curious), the funky socks I love to wear when teaching, and a bag of expen$$ive Kona coffee, my Best Gift From Santa this year is my Seagate Free Agent Desktop 500 GB (that's right, people! FIVE HUNDRED GIGS!) External USB Hard Drive. And it's very reasonable in price! Also, it attaches direct to your computer tower (or laptop) and runs direct from there. No electrical outlet needed!

So if you're needing a place to backup, more room to store your books, or just more room period, check them out!

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Mina Carter said...

Oooh these are fantastic! I have the 250 version and it goes everywhere with me! (In the handbag, you'll find it next to the spare dummy and nappy for brat ;)) Check out portable apps, they've got some really neat things to go on them!