Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mooney Does Movies: "SAW V"

The tag line says "You won't believe how it ends." Trust me, you won't.

Bad points: A lot of time is spent showing you how one of the "victims" in the past is actually working with Jigsaw. (Other than Amanda.) Nothing really convoluted, but I was more interested in seeing how the latest batch of victims solves their dilemma and survives the traps. I would guess two-thirds of the movie concentrates on one police detective still investigating Jigsaw's past.

Good points: A neat salute to E.A. Poe. Every movie begins with a victim, and this one will not disappoint because it doesn't conclude the way you expect it to. The victims and traps are pretty decent. Special grisly effects are superb. But the ending...whoa!

Is this version as good as the others? Not really, but it still has its moments. Will you want it? Sure, especially if you're collecting the series. Will there be a SAW VI? Count on it.

I give this movie a three-quarter moon.

Jigsaw may be gone, but not forgotten.

Think "apprentice".

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