Friday, June 5, 2015

Now Available as an Audio Book! BEAST OF THE BAYOU

Now available as an audio book!

Subwoofers, Book 1

Sensuous Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Narrated by
Todd Van Linda

Length: 3 hrs, 58 min.

Go here to listen to an excerpt, and for buy links.

* * *
Alligator, Bear, Cougar, Deer, Eagle
They found each other by accident. They became a team for life.

Thierry McNulty's brother, Senator Frank McNulty, is missing. She believes he went to their old family campsite on Caddo Lake for a brief vacation, but after days of not hearing from him, she fears the worst.

Antonio "Yo" Bleeker is one of the owners of Bag It and Tag It Excursions. When Thierry hires the company to track down her brother, he has no idea what he's getting himself into - especially when he experiences an extreme physical reaction to the beautiful woman.

He know he can't have her, much less let her discover what he really is. But before he can back away, Yo finds himself in a life-or-death battle to save the woman he's realized he can't live without.

Warning! Contains campfire cooking, a gold earring, lovemaking under the stars, rental cars, and a phobia that reaches all the way back to childhood.

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