Monday, June 22, 2015

Of Ships and Sea Creatures, and Alien Water Worlds

Imagine you've landed on an alien world, where the only food available is the flora and fauna from that planet. Two problems would become immediately apparent: What can we eat that won't kill us or make us sick? And is the source replenishing itself, so we can continue to eat it?

In my latest book Neverwylde, where the survivors (both human and alien) have crashed landed on a deserted half-planet, it's not so much trying to find food as it is trying not to be eaten themselves. What they find, they first have to scan to make sure it's not poisonous. Whether or not it tastes good is a moot point because they know if they don't eat it, they'll starve.

But in my newest book, UnderSilver, (now available for pre-order)

the survivors fleeing a toxic Old Earth in vessels which convert into city-size ships, have deliberately chosen a water world destination to inhabit. A planet that teems with fish-like creatures, most of which vaguely resemble sea life from their dead home world. Gone are steaks, chops, and chicken. But, fortunately, there are no shellfish allergies.

I know I would not like to live on either world. Especially on a landless planet, no matter how much I love seafood. I'd miss my Chinese food, my chicken fried cutlets, and my pork. But if I grew up where none of these were ever available, I wouldn't know what I was forced to live without.

How about you?

In the meantime, here's a quick and easy smothered hamburger steak recipe that my family loves. It's also high in protein:

1 lb. ground meat
1 egg
1/2 cup chopped onion (or onion flakes)
1 pkg. brown gravy mix
salt and pepper to taste

Mix the meat, egg, and onion in a bowl, along with salt and pepper. Shape into patties. Brown patties over medium heat in a pan with a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Mix brown gravy mix in a glass - be sure to add an extra cup of water above what it calls for on the package. When the patties are brown, cover with the gravy mix and simmer, allowing the gravy to thicken. If you wish, you can add mushrooms or onion strings.

Serve with noodles or rice, or another vegetable and salad on the side. Serves 4.

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Pippa Jay said...

Personally I LOVE seafood, but to never, ever have a steak again? I would be sad (but hopefully too full of fish to worry too much). :P