Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six on Sunday - BEQUEATHED

6 Paragraphs from BEQUEATHED
An erotic fantasy romance
Available from Red Rose Publishing

1. “Hey, Mike. What should we do today? Want to go down to the lake and see if we can catch tonight‘s dinner?” She grabbed a clean bowl from the dish drainer and poured some kibbles into it. “Here go you, old man,” she said, bending down and placing it on the floor where she wouldn’t accidentally step on it. Straightening up, she looked back at the cat, and her heart leaped into her throat as the dark shadow vanished from behind the window. Her first reaction was immediately replaced with indignant anger.

2. “You’ve heard it, too?” She glanced around the living area, seeing it now from a whole new perspective. “How? You mean it’s haunted?” Tendrils of fear crawled up inside her stomach and threatened to chill her from the inside out, until she caught sight of Mike casually make his way across the living room floor as he headed toward the kitchen. The cat’s nonchalant manner reminded her of how the animal had reacted - or rather, hadn’t reacted - around Horne. In fact, the Bengal gave the deputy a wide berth as it sought out its breakfast. The cat didn’t necessarily distrust the officer, but it certainly didn’t give the man the warm welcome it had bestowed upon Horne.

3. This time she got a soft chuckle from him. The more she was around Horne, the more Claire realized she enjoyed being with the man. No, not enjoyed. It was like there was some kind of invisible magnetic force that kept drawing her back to him. That made her want to be with him. Her self-revelation surprised her. As absurd as this whole curse/spirit scenario may appear to most people, Claire was beginning to understand that not every reality was absolute. That sometimes fantasy and reality could mesh. The story of fairies existed because at some point in the past someone had actually met one. Had perhaps talked to it. Had learned of its existence, and thus the stories were born.

4. An icy blast of wind struck her from behind, but Claire didn’t care. This time the tears she shed had nothing to do with what she had discovered inside the hole hacked into the bedroom wall, and everything to do with the ragged hole left inside her heart.

5. Claire removed some of the salt from the inner space and rubbed it along the tips of her gloved fingers. “You thought you were safe from being found out, didn’t you, Oren? You thought that if the spirits couldn’t find their dead kin, then you were safe. But they got the last laugh on you, you sick bastard. They knew their friends were in here. They knew you were keeping them hostage, and they cursed you and the house anyway.”

6. Kneeling in front of her, he undid her jeans and pulled them over her thighs. He cupped her buttocks, holding her steady, and pressed his face between her legs. Claire shivered, but not from cold. There was no cold, no snow, and no wind within their protective space. She shivered from the desire filling her. From the heat of his breath along her skin, and from the sensuous kisses he was pressing against her mound. When he lightly scraped her with his teeth, she gasped and clutched his head.

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