Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mooney's Movie Review - SUCKER PUNCH

This is One Weird Movie.

If you liked "300", "Watchmen", or "Sin City", then this flick is right up your alley.

The movie starts when Babydoll's mother dies, and the stepfather discovers everything's been left to Baby and her younger sister. Stepfather finds a way to have Baby committed in an insane asylum so he can get the money.

The asylum is run by a man who, with the counselor, have the girls perform onstage for "special guests", as well as in bed with the guests. 

Babydoll "escapes" into the world of her imagination where she's given 4 keys which will enable her to escape the asylum. With the help of five of her friends, they "visit" via her dreams a steampunk version of World War II, a "Lord of the Rings" scenario complete with dragons, and a bomb on a runaway train.

The movie's look isn't just unique. Through Babydoll's visions, all of the girls have special abilities way beyond ordinary mortals, and their strengths and use of special weapons make for some very over-the-top action sequences.

I have to admit this movie was extremely entertaining, but there were times I found myself rolling my eyes. That's why I'm giving this flick a rating of 

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