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Six paragraphs from Her Battle Lord's Desire, Book 2 of the Battle Lord Saga. A sensuous fantasy, sci-fi, futuristic, post-apocalyptic romance novel. Now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and BookStrand.

Coming in August, A Battle Lord's Heart, Book 3!
1. The next morning they loaded her into a wagon, and with four escorts began the journey back to Alta Novis. As the days passed, Fortune could swear she appeared to gain strength, as if each successive mile renewed her. So that by the time they reached the outlying fringes of the compound, she was able to stand on her own and walk the rest of the way by herself, carrying her new longbow and quiver of arrows she demanded to have, for a reason only she understood. The disgraced hunter woman ready to rejoin her battle warrior husband.

2. “You were right. I’m famished,” she admitted, hoping to direct his attention back to their supper. Unfortunately, Yulen would have none of it. Lifting her off her feet, he claimed her lips again, and Atty felt herself succumbing to the intensity of his passion. Throwing her legs around his waist, he walked over to where the bedding was located and fell onto his knees into the midst of several pillows. There he pressed himself against her as he began to assault her neck and the erogenous zone below her ears. She could feel him grounding his hard erection into the seam between her legs, until she could feel his heat stroking her. Making her wetter and more excited. Weakly she beat on his shoulders and tried to wriggle free of his overpowering sexual energy. It was a battle she knew she would quickly lose if he didn’t heed her request.

3. “Enough of this! Enough, Twoson! Enough, Collier! I for one am sick and tired of the Council, with their insufferable male pride, making life or death decisions for us when we have no say in them! Time and again D’Jacques has come to us with hand outstretched, and every time you’ve slapped it away. You throw the fact that Atty is Mutah in her face, then you take away all her rights and freedom to be one. Together they promise us a future. A future with hope. A future not just for ourselves, but for our children as well. A future without fear or hunger...and you’re actually considering turning it down?”

4. The moment MaGrath entered the tent, it was more than obvious what had been going on. Near the center of the pile of disarrayed pillows and blankets Atty sat as if waiting for him. She lifted a face filled with defiance, her eyes flashing and daring him to make a hurtful comment when she heard him enter. At the sight of her love-tousled hair and slightly swollen lips, MaGrath couldn’t remember if she had ever looked more beautiful. Her long, shapely legs were bared to her thighs. Only a thin blanket covered her breasts and abdomen. The scent of sex clung to the night air.

5. As they discussed each separate issue he brought up, and compromises were met, Yulen kept one eye open for Atty. Last night and that morning had done little to assuage his hunger for her. On the contrary, making love with her had increased his need. He deliberately had left the scent of her on his skin and hair, although he knew it was risky. Some of these Mutah could probably tell how intimate they had been, but at the moment Yulen didn’t care. All he had to do was close his eyes and he could relive her like gentle strokes across his nerves. There were times when the mere sight of her was enough to turn him into a pool of lust.

6. He lifted his mug in the direction of the tree-shaded lovers. “But if you want to know the real reason why we’re here, or why Yulen chose to ally himself with your people, there’s your answer right there. Gaze upon it, gentlemen, but don’t interrupt it. And don’t ever do anything to try and come between them. Because if it weren’t for their love, this day would not have happened. Plain and simple.” Giving them a smart salute, the physician left to find a seat nearer the musicians. He was fond of a good song, and it had been a while since he’d enjoyed a concert.

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