Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six on Sunday - AEQUANA

Six Paragraphs from AEQUANA
A sensuous fantasy romance novel
Available at Amazon, B&N, ARe, and BookStrand

Watching her slipping into it was like watching her transform from a human being into a creature of mythology. Her feet slid into the tail-like lower portion. The skin encased her legs, holding them firmly together. It eased over her hips and buttocks, and the upper portion came up far enough to cover her small breasts, but no further. There was nothing around her neck or shoulders to restrict arm movement or block the flow of water from her gills.

She’d have sweet dreams tonight. Dreams of a café a lait man with eagle wings swooping down to lift her above the waves. When he’d shown her the transmitter, just when she was about to break down crying, she couldn’t stop herself from hugging him. She wish, though, that he’d put his arms around her and held her. Held her and hushed her and reassured her they were safe, and they would always be safe as long as he was there to protect her.

At some point she remembered the monofilament line. Invisible underwater, she traced it with her hands and began wrapping it around her palm as she climbed upward. She tried to pull it, signaling Talon for help. There was a sudden ragged jerk, pulling her sideways for a dozen feet before it abruptly let her go. The line wrapped around her hand went limp. One of the sharks had snagged it or bitten through it. There was no longer any way she could let Talon know what she was facing. A scream rose in her throat, and Æquana started swimming for her life, praying she could out-race their rushing attack.

There was no way she could anticipate the soul-breaking happiness that flooded her senses when he took her mouth. Possessively. Hungrily. Every pore in her skin drank of his touch and his heat as his kisses sent her over the edge of sanity. A whimper died in her throat when she felt him roll closer to her, until her entire length was trapped beneath him... and the whimper became a low moan.

“Shh!” Talon threw up a hand to stay the man’s barrage of questions, waiting for his call to be answered. When it was, Talon held back none of his outrage from his voice. “Slaw. You’d better listen very carefully because I’m only going to say this once. You have kidnapped my wife, you sorry son of a bitch, and I want her back. You have two hours to deliver her to me at the Bellagio or I swear to God I will bring down full retribution on you. Do you understand me? You’ve made the last mistake you’ll ever make. Two hours, Slaw.” Before the man could respond, Talon ended the call. Then he made a second one.

From somewhere Shipp produced a thick collar with a sponge-like coating on the inside. He snapped it around her neck, checking to make sure it was loose enough to where it didn’t impede her gills, but tight enough to keep her from slipping out of it. A small padlock secured it. Once he was satisfied, he let her go, and Æquana felt her body slide backwards until it came to rest on floor. She watched him climb out of the tank and go over to the wall where a hose ran from the side of the tank to a faucet.


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