Wednesday, March 30, 2011

POSSESSION Gets 4.5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews!

Possession by Linda Mooney
Publishing: Whiskey Creek Press 
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (205 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

J was born blind, but she could "see" things. Her gift has always helped the police find such things as missing persons, serial killers... a ghost or two.

Detective Kiel Stark has worked homicide for eight years, but he has never met this mysterious Seer his fellow officers claim could almost perform miracles. Not until a gruesome triple homicide has his superiors calling in the reserved woman to help with the case.

Now Stark is faced with a double threat. Not only is he finding himself dangerously attracted to the mysterious beauty, but she could very well discover his own carefully guarded secret—a secret that could bring an end to his career, his way of life, and any future he hoped to have.

Have you ever met someone that wasn’t quite who or what you thought they were? Are you really willing to find out?

J Laurent is having that very issue. A sheltered psychic and gifted seer, she is called in to help the police solve their very difficult cases. Meeting step brother cops Sam and Kiel is going to change her life completely. J sees things in auras and what she sees in Kiel is not what she expected, but she is here only to do a job. A serial killer is loose and J is the only one that can find what the police need. What she didn’t expect was the mutual deep connection and attraction with Detective Kiel Stark. Kiel has his own secrets and connection to the killer but it is one that no one would ever believe.

Author Linda Mooney has written a new and interesting book. Possession is definitely not the same old thing. This is such a unique storyline with so many unexpected twists and turns, that I recommend once you begin you plan to read it right through to the end. The momentum is consistent and builds throughout until the inventive and surprising conclusion. The characters are real, very real. Sam and Kiel are not only brothers but they are each other’s best friend, confidants and biggest supporters even through these very interesting circumstances. J is the source of strength that neither knew they needed. It is the best of all worlds for the three of them but it is the love between Kiel and J that makes this story hum.

What an incredible imagination this author is gifted with and how lucky are we that she is willing to share it with us. I loved everything about it!!!

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