Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Question: How Will Book Signings Fare?

I don’t see brighter days ahead for dead tree publishing at the moment.

I heart Teddy Pig.

Traditional publishing is changing, even though New York is fighting tooth and nail.  We saw this same battle occur when LPs, cassettes, and CDs had to make way for individual song purchases off iTunes.  Remember the olden days when you were forced to buy an LP for one song, only to discover the rest of the album was garbage?  Which meant you essentially paid all that $$ for one song.

But if print books are slowly fading in the west (I honestly don't think they'll fully disappear.), and brick and mortar bookstores are having difficulty remaining solvent, what will happen to book signings?

Since you can't sign an ebook, would people be happy with a signed postcard or bookmark? Doesn't seem the same, IMO.

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