Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Once again Amazon has managed to leave me utterly speechless.

I have been waiting for Mr. King's latest selection of short stories, and when it released Tuesday, I went straight to Amazon to check the prices.

To whit:

Hardcover - I can buy at $14.90 from Amazon, or for $13.40 elsewhere (list price is $27.99)


for $14.99 on Kindle 

Which is why I came to the decision to wait, and hopefully the ebook price will drop to $9.99.

But wait!  It gets better!  Go to its listing here on Amazon and scroll down to read the "tags" like:

publisher greed
never at that price
agency 5 price fixing
absolutely too expensive
9.99 boycott
too expensive for kindle

(Me thinks this price war is going to get interesting.)

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