Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soundtracks to Write By - Harry Gregson-Williams

 I write to soundtracks.  I know a lot of authors who write with songs playing in the background, but because I am a trained vocalist, I can't "listen" to songs because my brain automatically tries to pay attention to the words.  So I opt for soundtracks, and - boy! - do they stir my imagination!

Every so often I'm going to highlight a particular composer, as well as his works, that I have placed in my Must Play folders on my iPod and iPhone.  And the first one that I found myself drawn to was the music of Harry Gregson-Williams.

Incredibly, the man has over 70 soundtracks to his credit, of which several have won him numerous awards.  My overall favorite?  His METAL GEAR SOLID series.  Running a close second are those of his NARNIA series.  He's also done KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and MAN ON FIRE, as well as PRINCE OF PERSIA and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.

You can listen here to part of his METAL GEAR SOLID Main Theme.

Harry Gregson-Williams MP3

Go have a listen over on Amazon for more samples!

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