Saturday, November 20, 2010

Now I Remember Why...

I went to the movies last night.  At the theater!  And once more I remembered why I and so many others like me are now opting and waiting for the DVD releases to see them.

Dear Movie Houses,

If you're wondering why your ticket sales are down, don't blame the DVD and Pay-Per-View markets.  Blame yourselves for allowing patrons to talk and text on their cell phones during the film.  Not only is their conversation annoying, but all those bright lights are distracting.  Plus they make it visually hard to keep my eyes focused on the screen.

You need to have someone routinely walk up and down the aisles, patrolling for rude behavior.  Like the guys sitting two rows over who loudly use foul language as if it was totally acceptable in a public venue.   (My husband said I should have moved, but where?  It was crowded, and would another seat elsewhere really have been any better?)

Or the people a few rows down who like to raise their arms for some unknown reason.  I guess to see if they could make shadow puppets.  Who know?  They were too far below for their arms to block the screen from where I sat, but not their hands.  It made me pity the people sitting directly behind them.

These are just a few reasons why I was reminded to stay home and catch the flick at a later time.  And with the advent of those huge flatscreen HD TVs, you can get the same, if not better quality, viewing experience -- minus the idiot patrons.

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MrsSpooky said...

Yeah, I don't go to the theater for that reason myself. I'm much more comfortable in my own home.

Well, plus the kids at the theater closest to me making shadow puppets during the movie. Come out of the theater after the movie and the food court at the mall is mobbed with hundreds of teens just hanging out. The half dozen cops also hanging out there are mildly comforting. Never had any trouble,b ut it's not a pleasant experience. At all.

I won't even mention the expense.