Monday, August 16, 2010

Talia Kelley is My Guest Author Tonight on Blog Talk Radio

Come listen tonight at Other Worlds of Romance on Blog Talk Radio when erotic author Talia Kelley will be reading from her best selling paranormal romance JUST DUCKY.


Shy, unassuming Emma Brooks loves curious and unique items, and thanks to the generous legacy of her great aunt, she lives a life of travel without itinerary, searching for old books and curiosities to fill the manor she calls home. It's a life for which many would give a selected body part, but it's also a lonely one.

Things change for Amy when she accepts the gift of a strange little bath toy from a grateful shopkeeper. Suddenly, she finds herself in a world of strange occurrences and erotic dreams, with a phantom lover who seems uncannily real, and whose passions bring to the surface desires Emma has long denied and would rather not encourage. But the spirit is counting on those passions, and he's not about to let her abandon them -- and him.

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