Friday, August 6, 2010

Romantic Movies With an HEA

I've been in the mood recently for a nice romantic movie where there's an actual Happily Ever After at the end.  But most of what was suggested to me was...well...I want my HEA, dammit!

Here's some of the titles suggested by friends:

City of Angels
The Count of Monte Cristo
Wuthering Heights
Jewels (Danielle Steel)

I've already seen them and been bitterly disappointed.  If you give me angst, then give me a loving payoff at the end.  Don't give me death.

However, I have found a few titles where the romance may not have been the main "focus" of the movie, but it was sweet and very memorable. And - yes - there was an HEA.  Anyone ever see Timeline with G. Butler?

So here's a few of my recommendations:

You've Got Mail (contemp. rom. comedy)
Innocent Blood (paranormal/vamps)
Crying Freeman (anime)

Any suggestions?

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