Thursday, August 5, 2010

Having a Book Signing When All You Have Are E-books

I've been to several book signings with other authors. All of us are basically e-book pubbed, but several don't have their works out in print yet. So the dilemma becomes "how can I do a book signing when I don't have any books to sign"?

Here's some of the relatively inexpensive and easy solutions I've seen, I've followed, and am passing along:

1. Do a slide show of your covers and various pictures which go with each title. Have the show viewing on your laptop or netbook at your table.

2. Or you can burn a DVD of your book trailer videos and show them the same way.

3. Have a drawing for a free e-book. People just give their names and emailing addys, and pop them in a box, a hat, a bowl, etc.

4. Burn a CD of PDFs of your cover and first chapter of each book, and give the signed CDs out.

5. Use Oriental Trading for inexpensive gizmos which are "themed" to your books/genre. Attach a business card or a signed bookmark to them, and hand out.

6. People will keep bookmarks with tassles or charms attached. You can also do postcards this way. Don't forget to sign them!

7. Give out tiny bags of candy (colored cellophane works great, and it's cheap!). Be sure to attach a business card or bookmark.

Readers, any comments, additions, or suggestions?

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