Sunday, August 15, 2010

Readers, Where Do You Buy Most of Your Ebooks?

Readers, where do you buy most of your ebooks?

From the publisher's website?
From ARe/OmniLit?
From Fictionwise?
From Amazon for Kindle?
From Barnes and Noble or Borders?
From another 3rd Party Distributor?

Authors, by the same token, where do you sell the best?

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Diana Castilleja said...

I'm using 2010 as a marker.

Buy the most:
It's about equal between ARe and Fw. (Since FW is cancelling all its discount programs they're equal in most offerings, except FW remains the slowest to update with new releases.)

Sell the most:
Depends on publisher

A&C) sells majority at FW
B) sells majority at Kindle, ARe, BoB, in order.
D) Unknown. Sales are not divided to show margins.