Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Give a Gift Certificate!

Give your friends and family a Gift Certificate!

Not sure which book they haven't read?
Not sure which book they don't already have?

CLICK HERE to get to my secured site.

Pick out which design you like, give me the name of the recipient
and how much to make it out for.

In 24 hours you will get via email your gift certificate with the person's name and amount printed on it. Then you can either copy and paste the jpeg file into another email to send to your recipient, or you can print out a copy and wrap to give like a regular present.

Please note that these gift certificates are ONLY GOOD FOR THE PRINT VERSIONS OF MY BOOKS.

1 comment:

Diana Castilleja said...

This is exactly what I wanted to do. :( Had no idea how to pull it off. Next year, you can help me.