Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Perfect Christmas Gift - a 2 GB USB Flash Drive

There's not a computer person around who wouldn't love a flash drive in their Christmas stocking. While I was hunting the internet for examples, I came across so many strange and unusual kinds, I wanted to share.

We'll begin with Legos.

And zoom over to the rubber chicken.

For the serial killer in the family, or the horror fanatic

The car lover

If they like transformers

Or Star Trek

These fascinated me

And these were TOO weird not to include

The food ones looked delicious

Imagine how TINY these are!

A CSI flash drive

For those who go for big bling

More yummies. Or for Homer Simpson


Umm... yeah.

More yummies

And finally, for you Twi-hards



Andrea I said...

Where did you find all those?

Linda Mooney said...

Just google flash drives. Or, to be more specific, you can google the actual "names", like Twilight flash drive, Legos flash drive, etc.