Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's All There In Black and White

Once again I'm hearing from people who say they won't read a blog or website if it's white text on a black background.

I'm guilty of both - I have it on my website and my blog. Does this mean I'm losing readers or potential readers?

I've tried putting an off-white background to my site, but my header is black/dark, and the results simply don't look good together.

I'm in a pickle. Any suggestions? Comments?

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Diana Castilleja said...

Sweetie, it's a finite few. Yes, they're probably the only vocal contigency, but there are MILLIONS of websites out there with dark or black backgrounds.

Do what you like, and don't apologize for it.

And here's a tip. If the color makes the size hard to read, put a font widget on your site(s). Or they can press ctrl + (the plus sign) and it will enlarge the screen ratio without effecting any other windows or tabs.

Now go write. You're not in a pickle. LOL