Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9 Reasons Why My Mother Likes Print Books

* They help keep the screen door propped open on the patio.

* They make a good impromptu stepladder when you need that extra inch or two boost to reach something high up on a shelf.

* They make her "look smart" when people come to visit.

* Where she lives, the telephone book is the thickness of a nickle. So when company comes over to eat, and they have a small child, print books are perfect booster seats.

* They bring the pot plants up to a level where she can water them without having to stoop over.

* They help flatten out the coupons and dollar bills that accidentally got washed in the washing machine.

* Hot pads on the table.

* They make damn good bug squishers.

* They hold down the corners of a tablecloth real good when you're picnicking outside.

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