Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ode To The Irritated Friend

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

I will not go to stores with you.
I will not go to mall with you.
I will not shop for shoes and such.
I do not like to shop that much.

Please let me edit on this book,
This book that’s just like tenterhooks.
My time is short - oh, won’t you see?
Please let me edit! Let me be!

Please do not call me ‘cause you’re bored.
Do not ring bells at my front door.
I cannot drop what I have now.
I will not drop it, not no-how!

I want to write! I want to write!
Why can’t you see I want to write?
I work all week, my time is short.
I write my books all through the dark.

You work all week, then off you go.
You’re off to play and see the shows.
But I would rather stay right here
And write and write and write, my dear.

So don’t be mad and don’t say things,
Those hurtful things that bite and sting.
My time is short, my hours few.
Let me do what I want to do.

Just be a friend and let me write,
And if you do, one day you might
Find right there in the book, you’ll see
A Thank You page to you from me.

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