Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Do You Buy Your Ebooks? (It matters to the authors.)

Where do you buy your ebooks? Because it matters to the authors.

The best place to buy them is at the publisher's website. Why? Because authors get paid by the book, and they make their best percentage at the publisher's website.

Some publishers are even offering immediate discounts on new releases. For instance, Whiskey Creek Press has each new release at 10% off the first three months.

I know a lot of people wait until the book gets to Fictionwise and ARe because they have an account already established with them. That's okay. Authors get paid the least from those bookstores, but they often sell the most books there.

Either way, buying a book is the best way to tell an author, "Keep writing!" To which we reply, "Keep buying and we will!"


kathy429 said...

If the book is only available at the publisher's website, I'll buy it there if I'm not willing to wait. For an unsecured book, I buy at Fictionwise for its multi-format books including the Kindle version. For a secured format, I buy at Amazon for my Kindle and Books on Board for my Sony Reader.

Linda Mooney said...

Good thinking, Kathy.

Incidentally, sometimes an author doesn't know when (or even IF) their ebook will hit Fictionwise. Some publishers have a definite time frame between site release and FW/ARe release. Other pubs base releasing an ebook on site sales.