Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Do Not Write "Siffy" Romances - A Rant in Progress.

As you've probably heard by now, the Sci-Fi Channel has announced they're changing their name to Syfy because people in their demographics (18-34) have said that THIS is the way to spell it, not as "sci-fi".


I've been reading "sci-fi" since the 60s. The abbreviation is spelled SCI-FI, as in SCIence FIction, not with Ys.


The results look like "siffy". Furthermore, I do not write "Syfy and Fantasy" romances!

Asimov must be rolling over in his grave.

There may be more rant coming. Stay tuned. :(


Martha Eskuchen said...

I'm with you on this Linda. Where are they getting SyFy? I approve of phonetics to help reading but you don't change spelling!

Linda Mooney said...

I totally agree with you. Don't dick with the abbreviation!