Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving Thanks - For a Messy Home

My house is a mess. The carpets needs shampooing (why don't menfolk wipe up what they spill?), and the dust on the furniture and window sills is thick enough to weave into a blanket. But I've managed to keep the hygienic stuff clean, like the kitchen sink and the bathrooms.

Then I go to school and learn of children sleeping in their cars because they have no home. Or children sleeping on the floor because there are so many people living in that one bedroom apartment.

That's when I stop and realize I HAVE a home. With my own bed. With food in the pantry and refrigerator. With central heat and air. With so many clothes, I actually have to PICK something out to wear, rather than being made to wear the same two outfits over and over like some of my students do (wear one while the other gets washed).

You don't know how blessed you are until you see what others are made to endure.

Thank you, Oh Lord, for the bounty I am allowed to possess.

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