Monday, November 3, 2008

Coming in the Back Door - My Take on E-Readers

Has anyone else noticed the phenomenon regarding e-readers? I mean, seriously, I'm not talking about the availability or types of e-readers. It's the fact that the READERS are having to comply with with the BOOK FORMATS already out there!

Think about it, folks! This is different!

For those of you who are old coots like me, NONcompatibility issues have been around since MAC programs and formatted disks couldn't be run on PC computers, and vice versa. Remember when VHS and Beta were fighting for the video recording market? A Beta tape wouldn't fit, much less run in a VHS machine. More recently there's been the battle of HiDef DVDs vs BluRay. If you bought one machine, you could use only their kind of product to use with/on that machine.

So why are there ebook formats like Mobi and HTML, you ask? It's due to the fact that ebooks can now be read on Blackberries and Palm Pilots, and the like. Those mini-computers/phones aren't specifically e-readers. They CAN allow you to read ebooks, but initially that's not their primary function.

So the next time you hear about a new kind of e-reader being introduced, take a good look at what it can do, and be happy you can download all your PDFs onto it without any trouble.

Ain't it great? :D

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