Sunday, November 8, 2015

Six on Sunday - NEVERWYLDE, The Rim of the World, Book 2

Six on Sunday
The Rim of the World, Book 2

  1.  The creature undulated closer to the towers and the huge sheet-like net that was stretched across the lip of the falls. From the depths of its long, serpentine throat came a sound that was part scream, part scraping noise that dragged through Kelen’s brain like a magnet in an electrical field. She winced from the pain, clenching her pants in her fists to keep from clutching her ears and falling to the ground. Behind her, she felt Kyber shudder at the sound, but he remained unmoving, as impossible as it almost was.

2.  “I say we stay here for at least a day or two,” Kyber announced. “We need to rest. We need some time to recover. We still haven’t gotten over the shock of crashing on this planet, or what we went through when we fought those eye worms and other monsters. That’s taken a heavy physical toll on all of us.” He eyed Tojun. “We can discuss this further tomorrow, after we’ve recuperated and had something to eat. But I agree with you. If there’s any chance we can get off this planet, we’ll take it. It doesn’t matter if it’s by Seneecian or Terran ship.”

3.  She gave him a relieved smile. “Thank you. Now, about your state of undress.” She motioned toward his lap. “Is there a reason for the striptease? Or is it wishful thinking, now that we’re alone?” One corner of her mouth tilted upward, the playful expression extending to the twinkle in her eyes. No longer able to resist, he cradled her face in his hands and leaned over to kiss that smile into submission.

4. On the ship, D’har Plat’s rule had been harsh and unforgiving. On board, he’d had the full authority of the Seneecian Alliance to back him. Any crew member who raised his ire was at the man’s mercy, which could be swift and bloody. It was their way. It was Seneecian law—to dismiss and be rid of those found weak and unsuitable, rather than attempt any sort of compromise or collaboration. Or rehabilitation.

5.  Sandow exhaled loudly. “I can tell the Seneecians who accompanied Kyber are frightened, but they believe they have no other choice now that Kyber’s no longer here. You have to remember, they feel they must follow the D’har’s commands because they’ve seen what’ll happen to them if they disobey. Personally, I think they’re afraid of him. Remember what your teachers taught you back at the academy? About how brutal and unforgiving the Seneecian military is? Plus, I think, now I can’t be sure, but I think the D’har has told them a Seneecian rescue ship is on its way. It’s possible Massapa and the others are also keeping that in the back of their minds.”

6.  She wasn’t expecting the hand to hit her across the cheek and jaw. The unexpected slap knocked her onto her side as it stunned her. Both Jules and Sandow started to protest, but were quickly silenced when Kleesod aimed his blaster at them and hissed. Blinking back tears, she managed to sit up again, with a little help from Fullgrath. Her face burned, and not all of it was from the blow the D’har had dealt her. She wanted to curse him, but caution prevailed. If she and the others were spoils of war, there was no telling how far the Seneecian would go.


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