Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Now Available as an Audio Book! QITIRIN, a Paranormal Romance

Now Available as an Audio Book!


Sensuous Paranormal Romance
Narrated by
Todd Van Linda

Length: 3 hrs, 12 min

Scarred and traumatized, ex-Marine Sergeant Joshua Cobb can no longer function amid normal civilization. He's retreated to the mountains of Alaska to live in solitude, where he can battle his personal demons in peace.

Life is harsh in the untamed wild, especially when he has to face other creatures who are also trying to survive. But the bears and wolves and other dangerous animals are no match for the two-legged variety who see Joshua as easy prey.

He has no idea that the injured wolf he rescues will become more than a companion. It will also save his life, and show him a love he only believed was possible in fairy tales.

Because the wolf, Qitirin, is more human than anyone could imagine.


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