Sunday, October 12, 2014

Six on Sunday - YOUR HEART, MY HOME

Six paragraphs from YOUR HEART, MY HOME - a sensuously erotic sci--fi/urban fantasy romance.

1. In the days that followed, Sherandar watched every news program regarding this man who called himself Quazar. With a Z. She scanned the YouTube videos catching the man in action. Although he never explained how he got his power, or why he was able to do the things he did, listening to him answer questions from the police and reporters and fans who managed to briefly corral him for an autograph verified one fact. As she'd suspected, this was no ordinary guy when it came to mentality. He may not be as smart as she was, but neither was he like those self-absorbed dicks she knew too well.

2. The bolt of lightning appeared from out of nowhere, slicing through the thunderheads like Zeus's fire to strike Quazar with an ear-shattering crack. Sherandar was barely aware of the scream ripping from her throat as she watched the figure crumple, to plummet down onto the roof of the building a block away.

3. Time froze as they stared at each other, their noses almost touching. She was acutely aware of his body where it pressed against hers. His nearness, like a soothing blanket of warmth, firmly laid along her abdomen and thighs. Her hands were touching his upper chest, her fingers splayed across the spray of stars that glowed in his light.

4. His confession made her laugh, and he joined her. And it was then she believed she would never again be as happy or as content again in her life than she was right now. Despite all that she had been through, after what she and Quazar had endured and survived together, and despite the fact that Bob the Destroyer was probably scouring the planet, looking for them, this perfect moment in time would never repeat itself.

5. He glanced into the living room, at the wall across from the sofa where the bedroom was located on the adjacent side. Even with no makeup, her face and skin bearing the burns she'd suffered during their escape, and her thick hair wild and in need of a brush, she was the most beautiful, the most desirable woman he had ever seen. And to make things worse, her smartass attitude only enhanced her attractiveness because he knew she had the brains to back it up. The woman was more intelligent than him, as hard as it was to admit. Yet, there was a lot of vulnerability within her. A lot of tenderness and caring. It was her heart she tried to protect the most with that gruff exterior. And when she'd collapsed at his feet after he had melted their cell and blockhouse to the point where he could take off, there had been no second doubts in his mind where he had to take her.

6. "Don't tell me I was out of line, Captain. First, he kidnapped me and Sherandar. He kept us prisoners and tried to starve us to death. Then he had Sherandar kidnapped again, but this time he tortured her. Afterwards, he tried to cover up his crime by attempting to sink the boat. I don't care if I yell from the uppermost spire on the Saint James bridge. I want that man permanently stopped. I want him brought to justice. And I will see that bastard pay," Quazar snapped.

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