Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Created My Own Mocha Coffee Recipe That's High in Protein

I'm feeling so pleased with myself at the moment. Because I'm on a high protein diet, and I love coffee, (especially mochas) I perused recipes online for a way I could combine the two. 

I noticed that the majority of recipes all had the same three basic ingredients: high protein powder, fat-free milk, and coffee. So, I experimented.

Rather than use a powder, I prefer using Lean Body (with 40 grams of protein per package) or Muscle Milk 40 - chocolate flavor, of course. In a pinch, or when I'm on the road, I use Ensure Plus. Side note: Lean Body is $2.99 at Academy. Although Muscle Milk 40 is much more expensive, I can easily find it at any local gas station market.

I brewed my coffee. Then, in my mug, I poured it fourth full of the protein drink, a fourth of fat free milk, and the last half coffee. 

Not only is it delicious, but I don't have to add any sweetener!

Now I can have my mocha, my coffee, AND have added protein at the same time!

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