Monday, October 6, 2014

Chantal Gadoury is my Guest Author Tonight on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio

Join us tonight as I welcome Chantal Gadoury to "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio. Come listen as she reads an excerpt from her paranormal romance, Seven Seeds of Summer.

Show time is 11 pm et/10 pm ct
If you like Greek mythology, you won't want to miss this show!

* * *
What if you were the missing piece in one of the most famous Greek Mythology Romances? 

Seven Seeds of Summer follows the story of Summer, a college art student who has grown up in a house full of Greek mythology and legends. Summer grew up with a love for the darkest of all Gods: Hades, which caused tension between her and her mother. Summer comes home to Point Judith, Rhode Island, to find a mysterious figure on their family beach. The figure comes to her with questions about a familiar myth of her childhood: of Persephone and Hades. He proceeds to tell her of a new version of the story with a different ending that Summer never knew; an ending that includes herself. 

A trip to Greece leads to tragic twists, leaving Summer in the arms of the strange figure whom she had met before. He takes her on a whirlwind through the busy streets of Athens, to the lowest point of Greece where his lair awaits: The Underworld. Determined to find out the secret of herself and her piece in the story, Summer goes with him, and tries to make herself at home in his world. 

Summer has to decide to follow her heart or follow the same footsteps of the mysterious woman in her past life. 

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