Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to (Make) Love (To) an Alien - My Galaxy Fest Presentation, Part 3

It wasn't until Star Wars that we got to see some terrific other species.

Okay. There are exceptions to every rule.

I also love what Rick Baker has done in the Men in Black franchise.
Some great stuff there.

But on the whole, alien races were what is termed "human anthropomorphic". That means we've humanized them. Made them appear to look more like us...

But with a few "cosmetic" differences.

So what does all of this have to do with making love with one? Well, plenty, actually. You see, if he looks like us, chances are he's built like us, reproduction-wise.

Same goes for the female. Which wouldn't make the thought of doing the horizontal tango too much of an "eww" factor. Or so you would think, right?

Back in late '89, early 90s, there was a television show called Beauty and the Beast. Remember it? The beast was huge and lion-like. Super strong. He could purr and quote Shakespeare simultaneously. Believe it or not, people objected to the idea that he and the heroine could mambo with the rest of us. But while we fans yelled back, "Hell, why not?", the censors remained worried and adamant.

It wasn't until Alien Nation that sex with an alien finally came out from under the blanket. Who remembers that show? Do you also remember the premise of the show takes place in 1997? Anyway, I remember one episode where Sam Francisco, the alien cop (center), sees his human partner Matt has a black eye and I think also a broken wrist and severe neck lash. Sam starts to ask Matt, "What happened to you?" when he remembers that Matt is dating Susan (in the red dress) who is an alien. "Did you try to have sex with Susan?" he asks, much to Matt's embarrassment because the answer is yes. If you've never seen the series, please check it out. It's funny, warm, exciting, and very thought provoking.

To be continued tomorrow...

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